Michel W. Whitaker

Our Vice President of Engineering is Michel W. Whitaker, P.E.  Mr. Whitaker has over 25 years of experience in nuclear power, specialty chemicals, commodity chemicals, sugar refining and mechanical support of environmental engineering as well as energy management programs for the Air Force.  He obtained a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Carolina and is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  Mr. Whitaker has significant experience in the manufacture of copper sulfate pentahydrate, copper hydroxide, ammonium chloride, sulfuric acid and titanium dioxide.  His work has covered all facets of manufacture including process engineering, support and design of process equipment, particularly materials

handling, spray dryers, crystallizers, micronizers, burners, calciners, rotary dryers, drum dryers, pumps, heat exchangers, scrubbers, utilities (boilers and steam, including superheated steam, air compressors, chillers, water and industrial gases), dust collection, baghouses and packaging.  Project management activities have included initial feasibility studies including process and utility requirements, preliminary design, HAZOPs and other hazard analysis, cost justification packages, detailed design, construction management, startup, troubleshooting, maintenance and operator training, development of Management of Change documentation, maintenance spare parts and other follow-up.  He has recently branched out into demolition project management.

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